16 Mar 2010


Banyak yang bilang belakangan saya berubah menjadi-pribadi-lain saat ini. Ha? who's change? me? i dont think so. Maybe one of you dont even know me well, so you can not tell the different in me. Still the girl with lots of things in her head. And still the one who loves to write, play with bicycle and sing all her fav songs. And so many, like this shit.

1. I'm the youngest kid in my fam.
2. I feel mature and wise, and still young at heart.
3. I like coffee, greentea and chocolate also.
4. I hate TV.
5. I am sarcastic.
6. I have a lot to learn (anythin)
7. I love music, book, shoes.
8. I pretend to care sometimes.
9. I love being organized, but im not
10. I try to find something positive in every situation, altough i am not always successful in doing so.
11. Love to talk.
12. I want some tattoo.
13. I love being outside.
14. Love my frens.
15. Also boyfren.
16. Need a job.
17. Trust people easily.
18. I think people should learn to live more simply.

19. I am a very weird person.
20. Love to laugh and do some crazy things.
21. Stalker..sometimes..
22. Do love fotografi..
23. Literature is a beatiful thing.
24. I can be emotional.
24. Adore someone.
25. Why one of thedyingsirens's song byebye make me feel good and bad in the same time.
26. Tika and The Trees is also fav.

*backsound thedyingsirens-byebye.

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